Our Vision

To ensure that communities are resilient and that all residents, including the most vulnerable individuals, have the opportunity for optimal health and improved quality of life.

Our Mission

To develop collaborative partnerships and innovative solutions that promote community health and resiliency.

Our Team

Daniel K. Christensen

Daniel K. Christensen is an AZ In-House Counsel of the Year winner and Top 50 AZ Pro Bono attorney. Dan has served as C-suite executive, legal and board roles for Fortune 50 companies and small private equity consortia and startups across four countries and five US states. He has deep expertise in privacy, cybersecurity, and data governance. He currently teaches law courses for BYUI and has a masters from University of Oxford, a JD from University of Utah, two bachelor’s degrees from BYU, and four privacy certifications from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Dan Desmond

Dan Desmond is a health and systems architect with over twenty years’ experience in public health preparedness and capacity building. Desmond has led Federal, State, Regional, Territorial, and Local initiatives ranging from real-time surveillance and environmental monitoring to public health information exchange and a nation-spanning healthcare/public health communications infrastructure. He is active in cross-sector coordination with a specific focus on getting wellness, diagnostic and vaccination services to those most in need. Dan is a graduate from the University of California Davis with a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering.

Bill Hutchins

Bill Hutchins has over 25 years of healthcare experience working with health systems and medical providers. He previously directed large-scale analytics initiatives directed to academic medical centers, community hospitals and IDNs. He also led national Go-To-Market campaigns for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to increase participation in clinical trials, apply AI/ML to oncology care and reduce vaccine preventable diseases. Prior to joining CHMRC, he worked at IBM (Watson Health) as a Director for Clinical and Academic Partnerships. Bill is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento.

Stan Ketchum

Stan Ketchum has a two-decade career in California State and local public health initiatives, including California Health Alert Network (CAHAN), California Richmond Public Health Laboratory LIMS, healthcare continuity planning, correctional health, and public health reporting. Stan has a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts with majors in Philosophy and Literature, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Education majoring in Language Arts (both from the University of Kansas). He also holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Coleman University, San Diego.

Michael Kleeman

Michael Kleeman is a Senior Fellow at the University of California, San Diego working with the School of Global Policy & Strategy and the San Diego Supercomputer Center on innovative technologies to support public health, privacy, and disaster response globally. Formerly a Partner and Vice President at The Boston Consulting Group, he is the volunteer partner to the SVP for Disaster and COO of the American Red Cross. Michael is a graduate of Syracuse University and holds a master’s degree from Claremont Graduate School.

Sam Kleeman

Sam Kleeman has spent over a decade contributing as Executive-level Business Manager and entrepreneur with experience running start-up and emerging companies in Silicon Valley. Sam is extremely technologically adept with expertise in product development, building strategic business relationships and customer support. Sam graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in business management from Dominican University of California.

Ruth Kurisu

Ruth Kurisu has over thirty years of professional experience in both the public and non-profit sectors. She developed, incubated, and managed several major initiatives to provide access to health care and insurance for Orange County’s underserved population. She was recognized by The Ralph W. Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics at Chapman University as “An Entrepreneur Making a Difference in Health Care.” Prior to her foray into the non-profit arena, Ruth established a $4.0 million high-tech manufacturing business in the electronics industry. Ruth earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Ursinus College and her MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.