California Health Medical Reserve Corps (CHMRC) connects public health, health delivery systems and communities to ensure a coordinated response in emergencies and to build resiliency for the future.

Enhanced Community Health

CHMRC partners with public health departments, community-based organizations and providers. Our community first approach ensures that we meet residents where they work or gather, including malls, farms, churches and other community locations.

Data to Actionable Information

CHMRC provides bi-directional data exchange tools for public health, government entities and providers in a secure, cost effective and efficient manner allowing them to quickly respond to public health emergencies.

Activations and Incident Support

CHMRC provides support to our communities to assist in emergencies and public health crises by ensuring access to supplies and coordinating logistics for field clinics and disaster response sites.

About California Medical Reserve Corps

California Health Medical Reserves Corps (CHMRC) was established in 2014 and was most recently activated in December 2019 in preparation for the escalating COVID-19 pandemic. The CHMRC team supported efforts from the time the first planes carrying passengers from affected areas arrived at Travis Air Force Base in February 2020. With the need for continuing support and coordination, CHMRC is driving the effort to provide communication, coordination and logistical support to communities, health systems and public health to battle COVID-19 throughout the state. Learning from the pandemic experience, CHMRC is establishing foundations to make communities more resilient in future crises. Using innovative technology platforms, CHMRC achieves greater outcomes and successes where it’s needed the most and does this through a lens of equity and inclusion.

CHMRC is not just an organization that shows up in response to an emergency. Our goal is to prepare our communities in advance enabling them to quickly and efficiently respond in a time of crisis. We pride ourselves on being part of the change that is needed to build healthy, vibrant and resilient communities regardless of zip code, region or territory.